Marco Castro (Uncle)

I met little Matt when he was only 1 1/2 years old.  He was always smiling! What a cute little face.  I went to Yosemite every year for 15 years along with Matt and the family.  Camping at Lake Mc Swain, Santa Cruz . Yes he was always with us.  He was a part of our family.  I became “uncle Marco” and my wife was “auntie Carol”.

We watched him grow up, always very respectful and caring.  Very focused, a serious student but best of all a very fine human being. He had so much to give, and to contribute to this world.  What a senseless crime.

Yes, we will miss him forever.  We are now forced to go through our lives with that empty space in our hearts without the part of us that they took.  And now that he is gone, it hurts to see Greg and Debbie (brother and sister-in-law) with so much pain. I have no idea of how much they hurt, but I do know that it is intense pain. I wish we could help them ease their pain but how???????

There will never be closure for our family.  There will always be that open wound.  It will never heal! Yes we will miss Matt, “forever!”   Thank you for the lovely memories.

Uncle Marco