Matt Carrington

My name is Travis Smith Matt was my Brother; Matt was the best brother a kid could ask for. Matt was the best influence on me; he taught me how to ride a bike and to ride roller blades. Whenever we played sports with all of the kids from the neighborhood, he would always help me out even if I was on the other team. I was always the youngest out of the gang and whenever we played baseball I was always better then everybody except for this one guy Mike and Matt. And not everyone liked a 6 or 7 year old kid being better then them when your 11 or 12. So some of the kids would get a little flustered but only like 1 or 2 but Matt would always back me up stand up for me but I don’t think they would do anything anyway but it’s the only example I could think of.

Even when Matt moved to Chico he still would come home all the time, for my birthday: or fathers day, mothers day, and other birthdays and all holidays. Then the morning we heard Matt was in the hospital I thought no big deal probably just broke something or is unconscious. But when I heard on the way to see him in the hospital that he didn’t make it all the memories ran through my head all the good times and then thinking he would never come home again no one to hang out with when we go on vacation I couldn’t stop from crying. Matt was always the best person, friend, son, nephew, and the best brother. Matt, I will never forget you.