Matt Carrington

Hello to who ever is reading this. I just wanted to say that Matt will be sorely missed in the Sherman Acre neighborhood where he grew up in Pleasant Hill, and I am one of the people who will be missing him. He grew up in this neighborhood with my two boys and probably another half a dozen boys and they would play football and basketball in my front yard and they truly had grand times. One of the things that made them have so much fun was Matt, his ability to make sure the teams were as fair as they could be, maybe making a change that made the teams even, therefore making the game move smoother and I use to witness this kind of behavior whenever he was around.

All the other kids were good as well, but we are all different and it seemed to me that Matt always wanted to see things right in the world. My boys are both living away from home these days away in college and not many games in my front yard anymore but I still look forward to the times when any of the neighborhood boys come around and Matt will be missed.

My name is Tom Martinsen and I live at 2060 Ahneita Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523