To the Honorable Judge presiding over The Matthew Carrington case.

I never personally met Matt, but the impact that his death has caused on his family and friends has been devastation. The love for a mother to her children is a love that goes deeper than words can say. To lose a child under horrific circumstances is beyond anything I can fathom.

When I first met Greg, Debbie and Travis, they were a jovial, spirited, rambunctious family that you were just immediately drawn too. Greg (with his infectious smile and laugh), Debbie (with her loving and open personality) and Travis (with his shy smile and tremendous love for family, friends and sports). I have watched this family (since Feb. 2nd) lose the sparkle, spontaneity, and spirit that they once had. I see the struggle they endure every day just to get though. They try and put up the “happy” front, but we can see the hurt. Sometimes it is hard to be with them because you just want to take away the pain and you can’t!!!

I hope one day this family will get past the “just getting through” days and can start to heal. There will always be a void in their lives that will NEVER be filled. Matt’s death has had a tremendous ripple effect that is felt by not just a few but hundreds.


Suzanne Damhesel (family friend)