DATE: October 23, 2005
TO: Superior Court Judge
Butte County Courthouse –
FROM: Miriam T. A. Stange


I write to express my sadness to the Court, as well as the family and friends of Matthew and ask this Court to take right action so that the young men that chose to deliberately take the life of Man will be held accountable for disrespectful acts of violence. As well, I feel sorrow for our community, the world, especially Matt’s Mom. He was an important, viable young man that I too felt pride and was eager to watch his progress in higher education and ultimate accomplishments for his fellow man, Children in this country have become very vulnerable… constantly lose their way in life, in many instances no one to stand up to watch over and guide wild thoughts and intentions that end up in Court. Ultimately these young men went out of their way to willfully create intense, useless grief and pain for parents dedicated to parenting and raising a loving and caring child called Matt. I am sure, Debbie and Greg sent Matt off to college with thoughts of “Our job is close to done…Matt is now in good hands at Chico .” Recently in Lafayette, again we viewed misdirected anger, underlying disrespect for life in general, insanity of “insane Gothic bonding” resulting in a deadly crime committed by a young man with loyalty to a sick cult mentality that perpetuates abusive concepts and philosophy of hate and violence…vented against a random Mother…creating unbearable pain for a another family.

My relationship with Matt was not one-on-one it was my friendship with his parents. Matt was a good son, brother, active in the community and he worked hard to be responsible and get on with his higher education. I knew Matt through his Mom Debbie and Dad Greg and Travis. Yet, Matt never failed to recognize me at the theatre, on the street and especially when I took my 95-year old friend Jean to the movies. Matt went out of his way to acknowledge us, took the time to assist us into the movie and made sure we were seated, OK in the dark. Jean liked Matt and appreciated his help and said, “What a nice, kind, courteous young man… he doesn’t even really know me. ” yet he takes the time to recognize a need for assistance — all done willingly. You’d think he owned the theatre and assured we would come back!

Beyond immediate family bonding, lies an intense need to bond. It is universal for everyone, especially the young i.e., girls bond in sisterhood, boys in brotherhood… it is healthy to belong, nurture and take care of one another. However, HAZING allowed on our college campuses is totally useless… it is detrimental to healthy bonding. Hazing is a pre-meditated, deliberate form of abuse, violent, the intent is to inflict fear, terror…to destroy and take away God given free will we are blessed with at birth. If Matt had survived this brutal hazing…there were no new tools added to his toolbox of life — not one iota of beneficial information on kindness. Nor did the defendants create anything in the name of brotherhood. History proves that nothing is accomplished, on any college campus, when HAZING is fostered, IT MUST BE STOPPED . This form of terror is not acceptable at college (nor in times of war) the intent is to dominate. Matt’s hazing is domestic terrorism. When students choose hate, fear, manipulation, macho acts and dominant behavior…what does it teach???…this brother was already down and fallen to his knees — the defendants chose to ignore “911” . This Court must seriously review the lack of prudent judgment and inability of defendants to exhibit compassion. Not one thing was added to universal goodness…Matt’s life destroyed w/out rhyme or reason. The defendants do have a price to pay for their lack of conscience and decency who willingly set out to belittle and destroy a life w/bully suits blazing against a gentle young man. Courts have to take a STAND AGAINST HAZING, STOP THESE CRIMINAL ACTS ON OUR COLLEGE CAMPUSES –