Your Name: Bill Vahl
Victim’s Name: Matt Carrington
Defendant’s Name:
Court Case Number:
Sentencing Date:

My name is Bill Vahl and I’d like to tell you that I knew Matt just about his entire life. Matt was a wonderful kid and grew up to be an even better young adult. He was a great friend to many people. He was kind, loving, and a very giving person. I was crushed the morning of February 2 nd as events unfolded. How in the world could this tragedy happen! It is unbelievable that in this age – such barbaric events are allowed to go on!

My wife went to Chico State, my oldest daughter graduated from Chico State. That’s how Matt ended up there. He moved into my daughter’s vacant room when she left. You have no idea how my family feels about my best friend’s child losing his life up in Chico. I’ve cried, been furious, every emotion you can think of, we’ve been through. It still doesn’t feel real. We will never again enjoy his company, his wit, and his easygoing attitude that made him a very special person. He was cheated out of becoming the great person he was destined to be. I’m sure this wasn’t an intentional act by these people, but the fact remains. Matt is DEAD! By their doing. I can only hope that a tragedy such as this won’t happen again. The pain will live within our family for a very very long time. The torture these young men had to endure is inexcusable. How could any one be put through this and expect to gain from the experience? They are in college for god’s sake! I still cannot believe this happened in a town such as Chico.

Thank you,

Bill Vahl