Carolyn Castro (Auntie Carol)

When someone asks you to describe what a person meant to you, it is such a large topic in the case of “Matt”.

It began when he was just a little guy (1 1/2 years.  He was a Cutie pie.  Always very well behaved, a pleasure to have around.  I watched him grow into a fine young man until one day a tragic incident took his life and all that he had to look forward to in this world.  Never in a million would I think that Matt would leave us in this world in such a painful and senseless way.

Anyone that knew Matt would tell you what a fun loving, happy go lucky young man that he was all of his life.  He always made me laugh.  He was kind, thoughtful and at the last days of his life he became very focused, wanting to better himself and learn to survive in this world on his own.   Unfortunately he won’t have that chance. We only get one chance life, and Matt’s was taken very early.

I see young kids dating, having relationships with others, enjoying life and all that it has to give and think of Matt and where he would be in that crowd.  Unfortunately he won’t have that chance!  I can say this he will be missed, very much.

What a senseless and very tragic death of a very dear young man.  They say, only the good die young and Matt fits in that category!

I will miss “Matt” and always have a space in my heart for “him”. May God be with him!

I loved him. I will always keep the memories of the 21 years that you were here in my mind. As uncle Marco said thanks for the memories.

Auntie Carol