The Perfect Christmas 2003
The Perfect Christmas 2003
Our Perfect Christmas
The Yellow Dog Inn

Matt and Travis always dreamed of a Christmas in the snow
A perfect White Christmas is what they wanted you know

To wake up on Christmas with snow all around
Beautiful white snow all over the ground

I tried for many years to find a place to stay
That was high enough in altitude but not too far away

Then in 2003 a friend says to me
I found the perfect place for your family to be

It was a little place in Arnold that she had just bought
The perfect place for our family to stay for Christmas she thought

I called and reserved rooms three and four
They are inside the Inn on the second floor

We left early Christmas Eve it was raining that day
And when we got to Arnold it hadn't gone away

Inside the Yellow Dog Inn we went to the top of the stairs
The boys looked at both of the rooms then picked which one was theirs

The Country room seemed too girly but the Victorian room was just right
So that was where they decided that they would be spending the night

After unpacking our things the rain still coming down
We decided to take a look at the quaint little town

As we entered the local establishments finding everyone so pleasant
Those we met told us that Christmas snow would be our present

I watched and I watched as the temperature did drop
Hoping to see snow on the giant treetop

Then all of the sudden there appeared to be flakes
Oh yes, it was snowing for goodness sakes

When the boys awoke it was white as can be
There was snow as far as the eye could see

We went sledding had snowball fights the way that we play
Then took the boys snowboarding the following day

Everything was perfect this Christmas year
Our perfect Christmas we'll always hold dear

For now that Matt's passed we will never have another
It will only be Mom, Dad and Travis, Matt's brother

That's why we wanted to buy the Yellow Dog this year
To have the place where the memory is we'll always hold dear

We love you Matt
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The Yellow Dog Inn, Arnold, CA
The Yellow Dog Inn, Arnold, CA 
First we found the perfect place...

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